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Daiwa Health Development Introduces Double Strength BRM4 Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound:

Daiwa Health Development has introduced double strength BRM4, a 500mg, 60 count version of its patented immune enhancing complex to the health professional marketplace. BRM4, with its active ingredient Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound (RBAC)...


Immune Complex
What is BRM4?
What is BRM 4?
A Rice Bran & Mushroom Enzyme product*
Made by a Unique, Patented Natural Process*
Purified Water Extract of Rice Bran combined with a special Shiitake Mushroom Enzyme*
Result is Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound (RBAC)*
A Biological Response Modifier (BRM)
An Immunomodulator
Benefits of BRM4
enefits of BRM 4
Maintains Strong Immune System*
Safe Over Prolonged Period of Time*
Does not cause hyper-response of immune system*
Does not lose efficacy with prolonged use*
Low Maintenance Dose*
How Does BRM4 Work?
Elevates Immune Activity to Match the Challenges of Todays Environment
Augments (3x) Natural Killer cell activity*
Increases B- & T-Cell Counts (both helper & cytotoxic T cells)*
Anti-inflammatory & Antioxidant action*
Antiviral action *
Supports Healthy Cytokine Activity levels *
Who needs BRM4?
Who needs BRM 4?
People with Immune System Decline or Suppression due to Aging (e.g., over 45), Poor Nutrition/Dietary Habits, or Illness*
Individuals interested in prevention due to family history*
People with chronic toxic fume or chemical exposure history (e.g., factory workers, military, large cities, etc.)*
Anyone desiring to maintain a strong immune system*
Q What Is BRM4?
A It is a dietary supplement that benefits the immune system. The main ingredient is a Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound (RBAC). RBAC is polysaccharide dietary fiber from rice bran that is modified by an enzyme from Shiitake mushroom using the latest biotechnology.
Q Can I get the same benefits provided by BRM4 if I eat rice bran?
A No, rice bran is very poorly digested. Due to the special modification process, Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound is digested and absorbed to a much greater extent. This in turn significantly increases the benefit to the immune system.*
Q How does it work?
A A. BRM4 is an immune modulator. It increases the activity of Natural Killer Cells (NK Cells) and increases the level of T and B cells.* PeakiImmune4 increases the level of both helper and cytotoxic T cells. All three are types of white blood cells. It also supports the body’s natural development of cytokines.* All are important components of the immune system. BRM 4 also is an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant
Q What is the effect of BRM4 on NK Cells?
A In vivo clinical studies have shown that it can triple NK activity.
Q What are cytokines?
A Small proteins that act as messengers in an immune response.
Q What are the benefits of BRM4?
A It maintains a strong immune system and can be used over a prolonged period of time.*
Q Who should take BRM4?
A People with severely suppressed immune systems. Anyone who wants to support the strength of their immune system and those that have a good immune system and want to maintain it and not allow daily stress and environmental factors to weaken it.*
Q What is the proof that BRM4 works
A A. It is supported by numerous invivo and invitro studies and has been on the market for over 15 years with 10s of thousands of users globally
Q What is the dosage?
A Follow the suggested dosage on the label: As a dietary supplement take 4 capsules a day before or after meals. For the best results (for those with suppressed immune systems), the following two-step program is recommended: 1st Step – Take 4 capsules 3 times a day for 4 weeks. 2nd Step – After 4 weeks reduce the dosage to the maintenance level of 4 capsules a day.
Q How much Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound (RBAC) is contained per capsule of BRM4?
A 250mg
Q Is it preferable to take BRM4 before or after a meal?
A A. It is said that a complex sugar is better absorbed after meals. Since BRM4 is a complex sugar, the same principle applies.
Q How soon should you expect to see the effect of BRM4?
A Studies showed that taking 3g/day (12 capsules) enhanced the NK cell activity in about 1 to 2 weeks. Maximum NK Cell activity is achieved in about one month when taking 12 capsules a day. Four capsules a day (1g) results in maximum NK Cell activity in about two months.
Q May I take more than 12 capsules per day?
A We do not have any data on taking more than 12 capsules a day. What we do know is that taking 12 capsules a day will give you an initial boost in NK cell activities in about 2 weeks, whereas taking 4 capsules a day will gradually increase the NK cell activities and eventually catch up to the level of 12 capsules a day in about two months. This information may help you to make your own decision but we recommend the amount suggested on the label.
Q How long do I need to take BRM4?
A The research studies show that the activity of NK cells returns to their pre-intake level within about one month after use of BRM4 is discontinued. Therefore we recommend that you continue to use it for as long as possible.
Q How long will BRM4 last?
A The shelf life is two years if exposure to high temperature and humidity is avoided and the seal is kept tight. The expiration date is noted on the label.
Q Does BRM4 have any side effects? br /> A There have been no reported side effects
Q Is there anyone who should not take BRM4?
A A. According to our data, the product has minimum risk of side effects. We have been distributing Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound (RBAC) for over ten years in 28 different countries and we have not received any complaints or problems from our consumers concerning side effects. Thus, it appears to be suitable for any users who wish to support their immune systems.* However, it is a dietary supplement and should not be taken to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have any pre-existing conditions or disease, you should consult with your healthcare practitioner before taking BRM4 (or any dietary supplement). If you are taking immunosuppressant drugs for an organ transplant you should not take BRM4,
Q I am allergic to mushrooms, can I take BRM4?
A BRM4 is a rice bran derivative. Only one specific enzyme from Shitake mushroom is used at a very low level to make the Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound. However, to be safe, you should either not take the product or start taking it at a low level such as one capsule/day.
Q Do I need to cycle on and off of BRM4 as is necessary with some other immune support products and dietary supplements? A No. It does not lose effectiveness over prolonged use nor does it cause over stimulation of the immune system
Q Can I take BRM4 with other supplements or with medications?
A Although there have been no reported cases of interactions with other supplements or with medications, we have not tested BRM4 with other dietary supplements or drugs. We advise that you consult your physician first if you are taking other dietary supplements or medications.
Q Can a pregnant woman take BRM4?
A We advise consultation with your physician.
Q There is another product that contains Arabinoxylan in the market. What is the difference?
A Our Arabinoxylan is Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound (RBAC). No other manufacturer or brand has Arabinoxylan from rice bran. We have a patent on the production of Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound (RBAC) and our internal data shows that Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound (RBAC) far surpasses the NK cell potency of other Arabinoxylan compounds
Q What is the reason for the price of BRM4?
A The patented process to make it is complex and time consuming and done under very controlled conditions. The yield of Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound obtained from Rice Bran is very low.
Q Does BRM4 contain any GMO ingredients?
A No. It is not genetically modified and does not contain any GMO ingredients.
Q Is BRM4 available outside of the U.S.?
A The same dietary supplement is available in Europe, Asia and South America under different brand names such as BioBran MGN-3
Q BRM4 is made from rice bran. Should I be worried about contamination with agricultural chemicals?
A Rice bran is skimmed in the process of production, which removes agricultural chemicals together with fat components to negligible levels. Analytical tests for residual agricultural chemicals are performed by an outside testing laboratory. No residual agricultural chemicals have been detected.
Q What does “4” stands for?
A A. “4” represents the fact that “Peak Immune” aids the immune system in at least 4 different ways.
Q Is there any difference between BRM4 and AHCC
A There is confusion about this because AHCC(Active Hexose Correlated Compounds and BRM4 were developed by the same researcher, Dr. Maeda. However, they are different products. AHCC was developed first and is a blend of three mushrooms. Dr. Maeda was not satisfied with AHCC and continued his research to develop a product with superior performance. This improved product is known as Biobran MGN-3 in Asia and Europe and is named BRM4 in the US. It is a rice bran based product not a mushroom product. BRM4 is Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound. It is made using the latest biotechnology by modifying a polysaccharide dietary fiber with an enzyme from Shitake mushroom. The differences are as follows: -As described above, BRM4 is derived from rice bran while AHCC is a mushroom blend -The patented process for BRM4 provides excellent consistency from batch to batch which translates to consistent performance and benefits to the user. AHCC, on the other hand, because it is simply a blend of three mushrooms, can be inconsistent, because one crop of a mushroom can differ from another crop. -The dosage of BRM4 recommended for the best results is 3 grams a day for 4 weeks. The daily dosage drops to 1 gram from the 5th week on. The recommended daily dosage to obtain the best results with AHCC is also 3 grams a day. However, the dosage can not be reduced because at 1 gram/day AHCC has little effect on Natural Killer Cell activity. -BRM4 and AHCC are used over a prolonged period of time. BRM4 is cheaper to use than AHCC for any use period over 2 months. This is due to BRM4’s ability to continue to affect the NK cell activity at 1 gram/day while with AHCC the user needs to continue taking 3 grams a day to maintain higher NK cell activity.
From http://www.BRM4.com/
BRM4 is a dietary supplement which contains 250mg of Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound (RBAC) which has been scientifically shown to support the immune system, especially NK cell activity. Although Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound (RBAC), the main component to optimize the immune system, is contained in common grain (rice, wheat, corn, etc), it cannot be assimilated in our stomach because of its large molecular size. Daiwa Pharmaceutical, Co., Ltd, the parent company of DHD USA, has made it possible to break down the size of the molecule by application of its patented technology. BRM4 is distributed over 30 countries under different names including MGN-3 and Biobran.

BRM4 4 is clinically shown to triple Natural Killer Cell Activity

BRM4 50 Capsules
BRM4 is produced by Daiwa Pharmaceuticals (formerly Biobran-MGN-3). BRM4 is therefore the same Arabinoxylan Compound (patented & manufactured exclusively by the Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co. of Japan since 1990). BRM4 is still manufactured in Japan but is now packaged and distributed in the U.S. This improved distribution allows for better quality control and improved consumer pricing.

BRM4 is clinically shown to triple the activity of natural Killer cells, also doubles immune system T cell count, increase B cell count and boosts chemical messengers critical to intercellular communication for fighting pathogens, an immune modulator.
Based on a patented and proprietary Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound, BRM4 is clinically shown to triple the activity of natural Killer cells, also doubles immune system T cell count, increase B cell count and boosts chemical messengers critical to intercellular communication for fighting pathogens, an immune modulator.
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 4 Capsules
Serving per Container: 12.5
Calories - 10
Amount per serving
Total Fat 0g Total Carbohydrate <2g
Protein 0g
Proprietary RBAC Blend:
(Rice Bran, Hyphomycetes Mycelia Extract [from Shiitake Mushroom]) 1,000mg *Percent Daily Values are based on the 2000 Calorie Diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. **Daily value not established. Other Ingredients: Corn Starch, Gelatin (Vegetable Grade), Microcrystalline Cellulose, Sucrose Fatty Acid Ester, Silica.
Suggested Use:
As a dietary supplement, take four (4) capsules before or after a meal. For the best results, the following two-step program is recommended: 1st Step: Take 4 capsules 3 times per day for 4 weeks. 2nd Step: After 4 weeks, reduce dosage to the maintenance level of 4 capsules daily
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